SITNO Forever Green

Press release

The “SITNO” Ltd comes up with a new product line "Forever Green"

"SITNO" Ltd expands the product range, offering an environmentally safe and environmentally friendly product line of the mechanical means (glue traps) for protection of houses, gardens and public spaces against pests and insects. The new product line "Forever Green" allows you to find the necessary means for various pest and insect prevention, at the same time not worrying about pets, children's health and the environment. This line includes traps for the food and cloth moths, a variety of visually interesting fly-papers, as well as the traps for other garden, greenhouse, etc. pests.

The "SITNO" Ltd is a family company that manufactures demanded mechanical means for catching of the pests in Europe and elsewhere. The "SITNO" production can be used in three areas: household, garden and professional line - public facilities, hotels, shopping centers, warehouses, etc. The "SITNO" Ltd exports more than 90% of its products to the EU countries, as well as to other countries outside the EU. At the same time all the completing components are purchased within the EU countries and they meet all the quality standards. 


Gunita Berke, BPS PR Public Relations Consultant